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Garden Machinery

Keeping your garden under control all year round is much easier with the right equipment.

We can help you select the best option for your needs and budget

Pop in or give us a call and speak to our experts.

All machinery we sell will be fully assembled and fueled and oiled (when applicable) ready to go!



Brushcutters and Trimmers


Tame those edges that the mower can't quite reach with a trimmer. Choose from a line head strimmer for general grass trimming, or upgrade to a bladed machine for cutting more thicker material. Petrol and Battery options available.


Blowers and Blowvacs

Keep your garden neat and tidy with the ease of a blower. Blowers are a quick and efficient way to clear up your area. We can supply a variety of petrol and battery blowers and blow vacuums.




Whether it is for chopping firewood, garden maintenance or felling trees - We can provide you with an option of a wide variety of brands of chainsaws for all needs.

We can also supply all safety wear needed for operating a chainsaw.


Chippers and Shredders

Wood chippers and shredders are used to shred material into chippings. The chippings can be recycled and used for walkways, lining flowerbeds and creating compost. This is a great way to reduce your garden waste into a much more manageable amount

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Garden Tractors

With a garden tractor, you can make the mowing quicker, simpler, and far more comfortable. We offer an extensive range of ride-on mowers to suit all types of areas and customer preferences.




Keep your hedges under control with a hedge trimmer, We can supply you with what you need, whether it is short or long reach or petrol or battery.





Multi-tools offer versatility and flexibility to assist with and complete many maintenance and landscaping tasks. Petrol and cordless options are available.

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Pressure Washers


Pressure washers are designed to help you get your cleaning jobs around the home and garden done quickly and effectively.



Robotic Mowers


Take the work out of mowing the lawn with a robotic mower. Robotic Mowers can mow your lawn at any time of the day or night and will constantly give you a fresh, consistant beautiful cut lawn.  Working around you efficiently and silently you wont even notice its there.



Rotary Mowers

We supply a wide range and variety of Lawnmowers.

Whether it is for personal or commercial use we are here to help you find the right machine.

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Scarifying is the process of removing moss and thatch from the lawn allowing water, sunlight and essential nutrients easier access to the grass roots. This helps to promote stronger, healthier growth and a more attractive, greener garden lawn.



Tillers and Rotavators


Rotavators and tilers help save time and effort to prepare soil for planting. The rotating blades/tines help to turn the soil and break it down which improves drainage to encourage plants to grow. 

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Accessories, consumables and spare parts


We stock and supply a variety of items needed to use your machinery and keep it going - including ethanol free fuel (Aspen & Stihl Motomix) Oils, trimmer lines, trimmer heads, safety gloves, helmets and chainsaw chains.

If you feel like having a go at fixing your machinery yourself we have a large stock replacement parts or can source parts needed for the majority of brands.

Give us a call and we will be able to help with any needed parts for your machinery.

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